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because writing's a craft, and i need the practice.
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I hope my lips planted rosemary
on the edge of your shoulders
I don’t love at my own convenience
it’s bursting from me as steam does
surrounded by southern winters.

61369 - Gratefully

Compressed time, the lingering hands
atop the cathedral, the blue mornings spent in bed 
sharing a cigarette, ashing into a sauce lid
the elevator, the capital, it started 
with you, all of you, sitting next to me
as I bore down the highway
in complete disbelief.

61415 - Signature

As the sun slipped 
set between my eyelash
and polycarbonate
I leaned forward 
hands half-pocket
to you, stiff lips, teeth
gritting against cheeks,
I knew then your heart 
was knotted, tight
as it could go. 

61450 - Fatigue

I lay fast on my mattress
hands taut as rubber  

the springs sigh for every night
you cried as I slept 

it’s a quiet sobriety 
on the first day of fall.

61481 - Bon

Staring down the city
with a harried energy, 
down to the quick of my nails

I’m headed for the tollway 
on a sawdust morning
running on fumes, running 
through the ledger 
of what you’re owed. 


At the edge of a cliff we embraced
until the tremors knocked us loose.
That city, the city, is a powder keg
my hope is you see it soon.

61545 - doors will close when they see you

We are smoking Cohibas on a balcony
and I see cuts on your sunset hands.
"Wanted to throw off my palmist," 
you said, and I laughed.

Your voice is salt on a Michigan bridge,
when you read Exodus from a Gideon bible
the verses leave your lips like dust
kicked up by matted slippers. 

Believe me, someone will fall to the depths 
of loving you, even when your skin
is candlelight because one morning, 
when I said I’d drive to Denny’s
you said, “Nah, not unless they serve gin.”
and we laughed.