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because writing's a craft, and i need the practice.
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99524 - introduction

There’s a couple of reasons I decided to start this place.

A friend of mine, upon finding out that I’m finally motivating myself towards writing more, was about as enthused as someone can be over Facebook IMs. “It’s like your literary balls had been chopped off recently,” she said, and quite frankly that was the one thing that finally tipped the scale towards actually pulling the trigger on this particular idea that had been rumbling at the back of my head for the past few months. A year ago, I started the fourth year as both a way to see if I could at all improve my photography chops and to see if I could see through a watered-down version of a 365 project. And at the very least, I got the second part down.

I rambled a lot for the captions to those photos, talking about whatever interesting thing happened that day which led to the photo being taken and ignoring proper grammar conventions along the way. You can tell which posts are written by the person I “handed down” the blog to by looking for proper capitalization. That place was pretty much the culmination of me embracing creative endeavors, setting my super prose-y wordpress aside (and disgustingly angsty Xanga far, far behind), jumping on the tumblr bandwagon a half year or so before it really started exploding, and seeing what I could do with myself.

My last post there was a ridiculous essay, typed in an hour, talking about how I’d be approaching the future.  And well, here I am now, sorta. I’ve had the audacity to call myself a writer for a few years now and as I’ve gotten surer of the fact that I can piece together decent sentences, it’s gotten progressively difficult to write more. This bothers me, so I’m trying to rectify that with this place.

Most of my earlier work was based on my assorted little freakouts with the world, manifesting themselves in barely legible streams of consciousness or thinly veiled attempts at disguising reality with prose. And for a while, I had enough to work with; being a teenager fills you with enough angst to both slay a walrus and contemplate slaying yourself. But now, I’ve gotten “happier”, I’ve gotten busier with college, and I’ve gotten worse at the whole creative writing productivity thing.

It was bad enough to start with, since I was never really good at that NaNoWriMo thing either. Instead, I’m just going to spread one hundred thousand (hence the name) words out over the span of a year or so, which means I’ll be writing three hundred words a day, give or take. The actual number was 247, but that’s no fun to type.

Either way, I’m not giving up on this place until there’s 100,000 words in it. Let’s see how it goes.